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Jul 9, 2013 5:30am EDT
tax footprint. you know what i mean. >> it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. >> the third agency of government, i would do away with education, the -- commerce and, let's see, i can't -- the third one i can't. oops. ♪ >> it the mitt romney on the side of second amendment before he was for the second amendment? >> the reason we fought the revolution in the 16th century. >> i grew up on a farm. i grew up -- i grew up on a farm. >> today's going to be awesome, girl. now, brian will have your most creative tweets on what's next for the texas governor later on in the show. now here's mika with a look at what's coming up next on "morning joe." >> that was pretty good. coming up on "morning joe," president obama throws down the gauntlet in afghanistan warning he'll pull out every last u.s. soldier as the relationship breaks down with president hamid karzai. also, the situation remains on the brink in egypt. the muslim brotherhood and military square-off in what could be anoth
Jul 9, 2013 6:00am EDT
of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal worker's union. >>> time for the must-read opinion pages at 44 past the hour. let's go to the "new york times." frank bruni writes sex in the sorriest polls. obviously about eliot spitzer who will be our guest on "morning joe." already there's chatter about whose infidelities are more forgivable, spitzer's which are arguably a crime, weiner's which were creepier. this misses a crucial point. both men fell as speak tack colorly as they did not -- because they got caught with their pants down. but because none of their colleagues liked them much even with their pants pup thp accident clinton's reservoirs of charm or goodwill to tap. spitzer though an effective attorney general was shaping up to be a self-righteous, self-defeating disaster of a governor and weiner was a sound bite and a makeup kit in search of the nearest camera. wow. few people had a huge stake or interest in propping either of them
Jul 9, 2013 1:00pm EDT
challenged by mark about what he did. >> i'll give -- people lie about their taxes, not having paid their taxes and all the rest. i think -- >> but you lied about illegal activity. >> i lied about personal sexual activity, yes. and i -- >> i'm not trying to diminish it. >> you weren't lying about an affair. you were having a consensual activity. you were lying about illegal activity. >> okay. i will let the public make that determination. >> well? you can't make it up. >> what about these roads to redemption with new york city voters? this is city controller that he's running for. it's five years after he had to resign as governor. and the issue then was illegality. he was caught in a sting and also the hypocrisy of it all. >> the new york tabloids have not had this good of an election season in the long time. >> and late night comedy. >> but i was struck yesterday when i was speaking to spitzer about how he sounded so much like that guy who first ran for another backwater job back in nose days, new york state attorney general, and how he was really talking about expanding the power
Jul 9, 2013 7:00pm EDT
bought his compound using a fake national id card, and occupants paid no taxes. when venturing outside, he liked to wear a wide-brimmed cowboy hat to avoid aerial detection, a tidbit that london's daily mail had some fun with to create this photo shopped depiction of bin laden in a stetson, a black one, of course. his wife even posed as a deaf mute when she went to the hospital to deliver their children. for more, let's bring in msnbc terrorism analyst roger cressey, who is a counterterrorism official in the white house, and philip mudd, whose intelligence career spans decade was both the fbi and the cia. philip, we have always wanted to know were the pakistanis complicit? if you buy their own report, their own investigation, the answer is no. >> i don't think they were. look, there is a difference between hollywood and reality. people want to build complicated complicity stories. somebody must have known if he had been there for nine years. the reality as we saw in this leaked report that incompetence was the explanation for why he went free, not some vast conspiracy theory that we wo
Jul 9, 2013 8:00pm EDT
properties occupy an area nearly the size of san francisco. according to the "washington post," property tax collections are down 20% in the last 50 years. the more the tax base shrink, the less revenue the city has. the resz revenue, services, and the more people leave. today the "the new york times" had a really eye opening front-page story about what all this means in real terms for the people of detroit. and let's remember there are still 700,000 people living there. people in detroit can no longer count on even the most basic of city services. these folks are planning for an existence in which police just stop shows up for emergencies. the detroit police's average response time for calls for the highest priority crimes this year was 58 minutes. 58 minutes. of all the sad, unfortunate numbers that are defining detroit today, that one may be the most disturbing. joining me now is joanne watson, a member of the detroit city council, former executive director of the detroit naacp. councilwoman, my first question for you, as someone who's not in detroit, who's been following the coverage of
Jul 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
beard. he bought his compound using a fake national i.d. card and the occupants didn't pay taxes. when venturing outside, he liked to wear a wide-brimmed cowboy hat to avoid aerial detection, a tidbit that the london daily mayo had some fun with to create this depiction of bin laden in a stetson -- a black one, of course. and his wife posed as a deaf-mute when she went into the hospital to have their children. we have phillip mudd whose work spans the cia. according this report, they were in the dark. >> the short answer, michael, is they didn't know much. what's remarkable about this report is how frank and really honest it is. and the government implosion syndrome, you mentioned that. that's a phrase we might want to use in d.c. every now and then. particularly capitol hill could learn a few things from it. i think what you see in this demonstration is dysfunctionalty within the pakistani government but also some pretty good security on the part of bin laden and his immediate family. it is a remarkably frank, candid and honest assessment of what pakistan failed to do. actually, i rea
Jul 9, 2013 12:00am EDT
service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women of the american postal worker's union. >>> all right. pop quiz. which single industry spent the most money on the 2012 elections? wasn't the oil industry, not the pharmaceutical industry. it wasn't lawyers or even lobbyists, actually. the single industry that gave the most money directly to campaigns and superpacs during the 2012 election, there's no drum roll, i'm hearing, wall street. the financial sector spent more last year on politicians than any other single industry. they gave $61 million, $61 million to the romney campaign and about $19 million to the obama campaign, which by the way is like you and me giving a quarter. but wall street was also the biggest single sector donor to superpacs. wall street spends a ton of money on politics and politicians, and that might be why, although there is much main street versus wall street grandstanding in washington. most politicians do not make a habit of trying to actually take on wall street in any real way. that w
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)